What does «covering the spread» mean in sports betting?

25 Nov What does «covering the spread» mean in sports betting?

Occasionally when one group is stronger than another, too many people would bet on the exact same team when the choice were just to select who wins. This is a large issue for sports publications (the firms where folks put sports bets), since ideally a portion of the cash of the losing bets is utilized to pay the winners. The sports novels can take big losses when there are too many bets on the exact same team. To even things out, often a»spread bet» is offered at which the margin of victory in the sport is used to determine who wins the stakes.

The sport book will provide a»line» for the game which suggests a minimum margin of success for the favorite (the group more individuals think will triumph ). This minimal margin of victory for your favorite is called the spread.

If the favorite wins by more than the minimum margin of victory, they’re stated to have»covered the spread» and those who wager on them will acquire money.

People who bet on the other group (known as the»underdog») can acquire their wager in two ways:

1) They win if the underdog wins.
2) They win if the underdog loses, however, the margin of victory is less than the spread.

Be aware that covering the spread is only needed for preferred, maybe not the underdog.

If the favorite wins by precisely the spread sum, the stakes are cancelled and everybody gets their cash. This isn’t a good result for the sports publication, so they will frequently make this bet hopeless by offering a spread with a fraction. The fraction is nicknamed»the hook»

Spreads are expressed as a number following among those groups. A negative number indicates the team is your preferred. A positive number signaled the team is the underdog. For instance a slip line like this:


. . .would imply that the Oakland Raiders are 13.5-point underdogs. If the other team won by 14 points or more, those gambling on the Raiders will shed their cash and those gambling on the opposite team would win money.

If the Oakland Raiders lost by 13 points or not. Those gambling on the Oakland Raiders would acquire cash. If the Oakland Raiders actually win the game by one point, the betting slip would nevertheless be a winner, but the fan will likely have a heart attack from joy and surprise, which might make it difficult to collect their winnings.

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